Bipartisan Leadership

Bipartisan Leadershi

Being a good legislator is about building relationships and learning to work together. My philosophy is simple: work at finding common-sense solutions to the problems Kentuckians are facing and then work to find common ground on the other side of the aisle – all without compromising on fundamental values.

This is exactly what we did in the 2023 session with HB 540. Sheriff Kathy Witt asked me to help with an issue she was experiencing with school resource officers. Sheriff Witt’s issue would prevent her, and other law enforcement agencies, from providing school resource officers to certain schools. I immediately called Rep Killian Timoney (R) who agreed a fix was needed to correct the situation. We worked together, with members of both parties, the Kentucky Sheriff’s association, and were able to get the bill through both chambers unanimously. Governor Beshear signed the bill into law on 3/29/2023.